Changing the way seniors live and allowing you to stay in the place you love – your own home!

For Individuals

  • Effortlessly complete a checklist of answers to questions for each room within the assessment.
  • Tips about each room in the home and the reasoning behind each question.
  • Assess just one room or an entire home (interior and exterior) including areas such as bathroom, kitchen, living room, porch, garage, walkways, etc..
  • Upload photos and enter notes “on the fly”.
  • View, edit, delete and share your assessments.

For Professionals

  • Professionals can create home assessment reports for multiple homeowners.
  • Customize reports to include or hide business information, logo or photos.
  • Questions tied to activities of daily living (ADL) which can impact recommended changes are included.
  • Recommendations specific to some health conditions will also be available.
  • A network of certified professionals across the U.S. is being developed for those who do not want to or cannot perform the assessments themselves.

COMING SOON - Silver Spaces Online Home Assessments
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