Silver SpacesTM Home Assessment


This one-of-a-kind, independent electronic home assessment is an uncomplicated and in-depth

way for anyone to assess the universal livability of a home.

Try the electronic Silver Spaces™ Home Assessment and empower yourself to optimize your aging-in-place experience. 

This unique toolkit provides:

  • Essential guidance for both homeowners and professionals to pinpoint and mitigate injuries caused by slips, falls, and other dangers within a household.

  • An unparalleled chance to acquire crucial insights and practical information on how each area of your home should cater to your present and evolving requirements.

  • Unmatched breadth of coverage and user-friendliness.

  • A comprehensive assessment of both the interior and exterior of your residence to assess current conditions, identify potential risks, and suggest areas for enhancement.

  • An extremely cost-effective, DIY solution for evaluating any dwelling.

  • Adaptability and seamless integration with all smart devices.

Why is it important to plan for aging-in-place as early as possible?

Surveys and studies by various researchers and organizations consistently find that the vast majority of seniors want to remain in their own homes and communities rather than a retirement community or other such facility.  So whether you are 36 or 66, the key is to start NOW!

  • Even minor modifications that are not costly or labor intensive can make a big difference.

  • With proactive planning and smart modifications that enhance safety and accessibility,  aging-in-place is a winning proposition.

  • No-step entry: You should have at least one step-free entrance (either at the front, back, or side of the house) so everyone, including wheelchair users, can enter the home easily and safely.

  • Wide doorways and hallways: A doorway that is at least 36 inches wide for safe passage for those in a wheelchair. Also, hallways that are 42 inches wide are good for multigenerational family members with varying “mobilities.”

  • One-floor living: Access to essential rooms without the use of stairs makes life more convenient and safe for all ages.

  • Easily accessible controls and switches: Light switches and thermostats are recommended to be placed at 42-48 inches above the floor. Thermostats should be placed no higher than 48 inches off the floor, and electrical outlets 18-24 inches off the floor.

  • Easy-to-use handles: Consider replacing twist/turn doorknobs and faucets with lever-style handles for (painless) ease of use.

What Professionals are Saying about Silver Spaces

From the moment I started using Silver Spaces, I noticed a dramatic improvement in how I conduct home safety assessments. The comprehensive nature of the software allowed me to conduct thorough evaluations, identifying potential hazards I previously might have overlooked. The actionable recommendations provided by the tool have made it easier for me to advise my clients on making their homes safer and more accessible.


The addition of services like client education and rehabilitation planning has also been a boon, allowing me to offer a more holistic service. The software’s efficiency has not only saved me time but has also opened up new revenue streams for my practice.


But beyond the software itself, what I appreciate most about Silver Spaces is their support and community. Knowing I have access to training and a network of professionals has made all the difference.

Home Designs for Life
Janet Engel, Home Designs for Life

What is the Silver Spaces Aging-in-Place Electronic Assessment?

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