Silver SpacesTM is the new and convenient way for anyone to assess the universal livability of a home. We define universal livability as the capacity of the home’s structure, arrangement, composition and location to support safe, independent and comfortable living for all. Our assessment looks at 12 primary areas, in and around the home, to determine current home conditions, potential safety hazards and opportunities for improvements. Upon completing Silver SpacesTM Assessment you’ll receive a custom report with recommendations tailored specifically for your home’s needs.


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How It Works

Silver SpacesTM Home Assessment can be accessed on any device with a web browser, including smart phones, tablets and laptop computers. You can also use a desktop computer but please understand this may increase the time required to complete the assessment as you may have to print the assessment and input your answers after performing the observations. Just go to and select “Assessment.” After signing up and creating a login and password simply click “Perform an Assessment” and Silver SpacesTM Home Assessment will begin.


You will need a tape measure and a straight edge (like a ruler or small level) to complete the Assessment, but not to worry, we provide easy instructions on what you need to measure and how to take the measurement accurately.  Move through the assessment room-by-room or in any order you choose by clicking on the room/area headings at the top of the page.


Upon completing all of the required areas, just click on “View assessment” and you’ll be provided your report with custom recommendations tailored to your home’s specific need. The entire assessment typically takes less than 1 hour to complete. We know it will be worth your time.

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