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Silver Spaces Home Assessment

At Silver Spaces, we specialize in home assessments and innovative software solutions designed to create safer living environments for seniors.

By 2050 almost 25% of the entire U.S. population will be 65+ and they want to stay in their own homes! 

Help them create a safe and secure environment with the Silver SpacesTM Home Assessment! Our comprehensive tools and technology-driven solutions empower healthcare providers like you to deliver even better care to your elderly patients.

More than just an Assessment

Utilizing the comprehensive software program allows you to conduct thorough inspections of your clients’ homes, identify potential hazards, and recommend specifically targeted modifications to enhance safety and accessibility, ensuring peace of mind for everyone in the home.

Beyond just implementing modifications, you can prioritize educating clients and their families with the knowledge and skills to recognize and address safety concerns proactively.

Integrate assessment findings into rehabilitation plans. Professionals can create personalized strategies to optimize clients’ homes, leading to faster recovery.

The software program also serves as a resource for ongoing professional development, equipping professionals with the latest advancements in home safety and accessibility standards. As trends change and new technology arises, continue delivering superior care and support to all clients

What Professionals are Saying about Silver Spaces

Our Primary Focus Areas Include

  • Home Safety Assessments: Our software enables detailed inspection of an elderly person's living space, identifying potential hazards and providing actionable recommendations for improvement.

  • Fall Risk Mitigation: We offer tools that help identify and address fall risks within a home, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

  • Data Driven Insights: We provide healthcare providers with valuable insights and analytics to better understand patient needs and trends, allowing for more personalized care plans and creation of a safer secure home that fits their lifestyle, health and abilities.

  • Addition of Services: Our proven time-saving software allows for creation of a report dedicated to each client’s needs while reducing performance time while increasing revenue.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We are eager to explore potential partnership opportunities with you. By combining our expertise in home assessments and your dedication to providing top-notch care, we can work together to enhance the quality of life for the elderly in our community.