What People Say About Silver SpacesTM Home Assessment

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“Dr. Bjerke and Adam Sears have created a comprehensive home assessment tool that consumers and professionals can use to determine the pros and cons of the homes where people are living. It pinpoints what improvements would make the home safer and more accessible. The report is a good conversation starter between family members, occupational therapists, physical therapists, builders, and contractors.”  Rosemarie R, Ph.D., President, Rossetti Enterprises Inc.
President, Rossetti Enterprises Inc

“I used the Silver Spaces to perform a safety assessment in my own home.  I found the platform to be very user friendly and intuitive.  I appreciated the easy-to-follow instructional videos and that based on your answers, suggestions for solutions automatically populated and were provided in the final report.  I also like that you are able to take photos and save them to the assessment so that you can easily recall the issue and refer to them when discussing potential modifications.  Thank you for making this tool easily available and affordable to the public.”  Kathleen H, Trusted Safety Advisor, Home Safety and Accessibility Solutions, LLC