How to Get Going in

Three Easy Steps

Fill Out the MY INFO Section

This information is all about the person actually doing the assessment of the homeowner. It will help to inform the assessment report as well. Simply fill out the MY INFO information and tap save. From there, you are ready to create your first assessment! Please note, even though you fill out the MY INFO section, you can always choose to have it NOT show in an assessment report if you prefer.

Start the Assessment Process

Go ahead and click on NEW ASSESSMENT on the MAIN SCREEN. Every assessment starts with information about the homeowner. In fact, we have even provided you with a Resident Questionnaire which can be used to help you understand the emotional, financial and overall goals of the homeowner. This questionnaire can be found on the MAIN screen under “Getting Started”.

Complete the Assessment

You will notice that there is a list of rooms available for you to select from. We have taken the time to assess the most common rooms for most homes. However, you can always ADD A ROOM. Adding a room is limited common rooms duplicated such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Please note, you do NOT have to fill out the entire list of room. You can choose to do one room or all! You can start an assessment, save it, and pick up where you left off later.

What You Need to Know


The very first thing you need to do is fill out the MY INFO section of the App. This will enable you to create your first Assessment.

An Assessment is a room by room review of the home. When you create an assessment, you are essentially reporting on conditions and considerations for each room. Every room has a series of checklist questions that you can answer YES or NO to. In addition, you can add a photo of the room as well as notes. All of these items will be contained in the assessment which can be printed or emailed.

Certainly! You can either email the Assessment (which is a produced PDF) and print it locally or print via a wireless printer from the App. Please note that all wireless printers and configurations are different, so if your wireless printer does not work, please simply email the Assessment to yourself and print it locally.

The App allows you to add a room. We have considered the bathroom and the bedroom to be the most duplicated rooms. Tap on ADD A ROOM. You will be asked to name it. Once you have named it and saved the room, scroll down to the bottom of your rooms and you will see the named room in your list.

No. You can fill out one room for an assessment report or all! You can also edit the report at any time.

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